澳门太阳集团0638 will give you the upper hand in the competitive interior design Branding和商业营销 environment. 我们的专业和定制Services包括Branding, web开发, 电子邮件/社交媒体营销, 印刷设计, 演讲, 和效果图. ADG’s experience has given us both the technical skills and real-world expertise that positions you to reach and influence your current customers and attract new business, 迅速和有效地.

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is that we specialize in targeting the design/build industry. 在我们丰富的经验作为合作伙伴支持公司的设计师, 建筑商, 和建筑师, we have spent years living and learning this market while perfecting our approach for targeting and identifying the customers you want to reach. Our team is at the forefront of new technology and is constantly adapting to integrate cutting-edge products and platforms that allow us to leverage your business to the Interior Design industry.

使用ADG, a business that focuses exclusively on the design industry gives us insight into your target market that the average marketing agency just doesn’t have.  与我们合作, and you will receive tailored Branding和商业营销 services that reflect and represent you creatively, 有效和动态.





当企业从事Branding发展时, they are investing in a process to secure their future profitability and sustainability. 在今天的拥挤不堪, 过度和过度的市场, you must stand for something and differentiate yourself in a way that allows your target market to admire, 识别并将你的Branding融入他们的个人身份中, 兴趣和业务需求.

这种方法有助于并影响购买决定. The outcome of brand development is to create a guide for your customers on how to think, feel and interact with your brand in a way that best benefits profitability and growth. 为了创造一个Branding, organizations must start with three basic concepts and ask the key questions related to them.


1. 定位

你的目标市场是什么? 在你的行业中,哪些地方可以让你被人看到, 听说和记住战略竞争优势? 人们怎么称呼你? How can you take an outside-in approach that helps you understand what your customers actually think, 感觉和做?


2. Branding的意义

为你的Branding建立意义……你如何谈论它? 你觉得怎么样? 它看起来像什么,你代表什么? 你能在30秒内说些什么? 您的组织为什么以及如何真正使您的客户受益? 除了盈利,你存在的理由是什么?


3. Branding交货

你如何传递你的Branding? 你在它周围设置了什么一致的参数? 有什么方法可以利用它? 什么媒体和渠道最支持它? 如何让你的员工为Branding而活?


想想你的Services、产品或公司. 你有一个可靠的计划吗? 你能完全回答上面的问题吗? Is your brand positioned correctly and being delivered efficiently to build brand equity? Whether you are a start-up or an established company that recognizes and understands the importance of brand development, 我们可以帮助, 从开始到结束,跨越所有媒介.


0638太阳集团备用网址提供广泛的营销Services. We strongly believe that for us to be successful, our clients need to be successful. Let our in-house marketing team help you build your brand and grow your business. 以下是我们的一些Services.


你公司的标志是你身份的重要组成部分. 这是顾客得到的第一印象, and the quality and design will dictate the initial perception your clients have about your business. A well designed professional logo makes all the difference and will set the tone of the image you want to present.

设计标志的过程往往过于简化, as a result the net is full of “logo design” websites where you can build your own from stock images, 字符和模板.  没有什么比剪贴画更能说明你是外行了, 这绝对不是你想要的企业形象.  Proper logo design can take hours or even days of research and fine-tuning before the right identity is created that represents your company.  记住,第一印象只有一次.  设计一个标志,是聘请专业人士的最关键的时候. 与我们经验丰富的平面设计师, 0638太阳集团备用网址将为您创造并交付专业, 高质量的标志,将使持久的印象.


A company’s website is one of the most valuable assets when it pertains to growing your business and developing your brand. 我们生活在一个数字世界, 以及通过移动设备24/7轻松访问在线内容, 拥有一个有效的在线形象比以往任何时候都更重要.

根据经验, the first step most consumers take when investigating a new company or looking for a service, 是"谷歌"吗. 如果您的业务没有正确地在网上列出, 让您的公司排名在第一页, 你在竞争中处于非常不利的地位. 如果潜在客户找不到你的生意, 对他们来说,你根本不存在,你马上就失去了可信度.

0638太阳集团备用网址专注于在线营销和网站开发.  具体地说, we have spent years in this business developing our program that targets and identifies marketing opportunities and branding strategies specific to our interior design and construction/build clients. Whether you are in the start-up phase of a new business or embarking on a refresh/rebrand of your current businesses website, 这个过程似乎势不可挡. ADG为您提供整个过程的解决方案. 从概念到设计一个能反映你Branding的网站, 设置站点的托管, doing the behind the scenes work to write the code we even go the extra mile and submit your site to various search engines like Google to ensure you are ranked for optimum exposure when potential clients search for you on-line.


在当今的数字世界中,印刷营销被视为过时而被忽视. Well-designed print marketing consistently proves to have a higher engagement rate, 而不是数字版本.  Studies show Four-Fifths (79%) of consumers will act on a direct mail call to action immediately, 而只有45%的人会立即处理邮件. With the diverse digital avenues available for marketing like social media and google ad words, the competition for quality ranking is high and often your ad can be overlooked due to plain over saturation.

在0638太阳集团备用网址, we understand how important the role print as a medium can play in your overall marketing strategy.  We also are experts at how to help you implement print into your digital marketing to optimize your engagement with your potential clients. 加上现代数字印刷技术的额外好处, 印刷材料的生产成本比以往任何时候都更便宜.

We offer full service graphic design for all your print marketing needs, including:

  • 宣传册
  • 传单
  • 直接邮件
  • 业务平稳
  • 海报
  • 标志
  • 等.

通过今天的社交媒体, 一个企业可以接触到成千上万的潜在客户, 使它成为任何营销计划的必要条件. 有这么多不同的社交网络, it can be difficult to determine what’s best for your business and how to properly integrate it to build your brand and develop clients.  One of our marketing specialties at 澳门太阳集团0638 is leveraging social media to not only increase followers but also convert them into clients. We offer a comprehensive social media package where we will create a plan specific to your needs that includes:

  • 选择正确网络的指导
  • 完成账户的设置
  • 优化您的页面内容和图像
  • 创建一个内容计划,以便你定期发布
  • 有针对性的广告活动,以获得流量和领先

ADG明白,社交媒体可能势不可挡. Let 澳门太阳集团0638 guide you through the process of making this service fun and easy to use and put it to work for your business.